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RTS – Don’t touch the Fromme 2!

How stupid is that? In Lüneburg lives a guy who owns houses in the Frommestraße and Bastionstraße that are lying in the middle of a kind of ground lowering trench. Now he wants to demolish one of these houses and build an new one. You can bet that the new house will also sink.

Normaly nobody would think about it twice, but this house became a kind of meeting point for a lot of different people of all ages. They making partys in the garden and concerts in the house and everything looks nice and colourful. You can sit there on a wall and wait for some minutes and at least 5 people will pass by and have a little chat and a cigarette or two. It’s just a pity that this guy, his name is Sallier (check sallier.de) can’t keep his stupid hands away from this dangerous building-ground and leave it like it is.

Meanwhile a resistance is forming. People started to camp on the ground and are informing neighbours about the situation. Everybody is more than welcome to join or just come around and have a look.

Edit: I forgot to say that the situation is not bad for the Frommestraße 2 alone. It seems that Sallier is trying to throw out the people from the Frommmestraße 4, telling some bullshit about restoring the building. He probably faked a static report (or at least told the structural engineer what to write) and if he has success, the residents have to move out in a comparatively short time.

More informations can be found under (both in german):

frommebastion.wordpress.com – B.I. Fromme/Bastion
frommebleibt.wordpress.com – Fromme bleibt!

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