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RTS – Occupy my life

I guess, a good life is something that only happens to other people. I hate other people. I’m living alone, but I prefer to live with other people. I’ve got a boring job and I want to be unemployed (well, or at least to have a job where I can be creative in some way). I want to stop smoking and to make more sport, but I smoke to much and I’m too lazy. The worst thing is, that I’ll be 30 years old in less than a week. It’s not a midlife-crisis. Really! Don’t tell me to stop crying. You are stupid. I hate you!

I think I buy a sporty car or so and then I’ll build in a bomb and park it next to the Castor railway route. This year they have to bring the trash back to france. Or make that nuclear-energy-buisiness-people eat that shit.

That would be funny to look at. Maybe life would be a little bit better then.

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