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RTS – Wannabee Pirate

When I was a child my biggest dream-job was to be a pirate. Of course I fastly learned this that would be impossible, but who cares. I never would have thought that, one day, there would be pirates again, but nowadays it seems nearly normal to read about pirate attacks in the newspapers. Okay. The swords and sabres are machine guns and bazookas and they are taking hostages instead of taking the treasures and jettison the passengers. So all the fun seems to be missing today. No rum, no parrots, only beeing hungry and well armed. The only thing, that is the same like 200 years before, is that you are hunted by everybody else. That sucks. I’ll go back to the job center and find another job. Maybe mugger or a software pirate. Or zookeeper. We’ll see.

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